MediaFlow HD-X4 4K UltraHD MHL 3.0 to HDMI Cable with 5-pin to 11-pin microUSB Adapter (AM104)

Extra Long: Only MHL cable with 6.5 feet long HDMI cable and 6.5 feet USB cable which is ideal for using at home, office, meetings etc. Watch videos, pictures, & play games on your HDTV or Home Theater System.

4K Ultra HD: MediaFlow HD-X4 is the industry's first cable which supports UHD 4K video resolution up to 2160p. [Note: Both your phone and TV should support 4K for getting the Ultra-HD output.]

MHL 3.0: It uses latest MHL 3.0 with high refresh rate. Works great with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Note4 and HTC M9. [Note: Does NOT support Galaxy S7 S6 Edge S6Edge+ Note5, HTC One M8 (Windows), Sony Xperia Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5]

Previous MHL Versions: Compatible with all previous MHL based devices including Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 Note3 Note2, HTC M8 (Android Version). [Note: Its important to connect the USB cable to power supply wall charger]

5-pin to 11-pin: Comes with built-in 5-pin to 11-pin converter that makes it compatible with all devices with 5-pin/11-pin microUSB port. [Note: Read the instructions carefully, especially for 11-pin devices]

Collections: Discontinued

Type: HDMI

  • Skiva MediaFlow HD-X4 MHL 3.0 microUSB to HDMI cable allows to connect Android smartphone or tablet to television or monitor.
  • Watch videos, pictures & play games on your HDTV or Home Theater System.
  • Supports up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution.
  • Simply plug HDMI cable into the MHL 3.0 microUSB-to-HDMI Adapter (female), and the microUSB (male) into your phone to enjoy 4K HD Audio/ Video on TV screen.
  • Ideal length of 6.5 feet to use in any house.
  • Charges the device while playing content so you don't run out of battery.
Some common Feature
  • Supports all Android smartphones having MHL.
  • 6.5 feet long.
  • Charges devices while playing.
  • Supports 4K resolution.
  • High quality audio/video output.
  • Compatible with all 5-pin and 11-pin microUSB based smartphones using MHL technology.
  • It comes with 1 Year Warranty from Skiva and full support.

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