About Us

Skiva Technologies was founded in 2011 with an aim to deliver best consumer electronic products. We are based out of Irving, Texas and it is our goal to make technology easier to use, more relevant to our users’ ever changing needs, and easily affordable. Skiva products are built on leading edge technologies so that you are always closer to the people and experiences that you love.

Our range of products include cables, chargers, battery cases, power banks, networking gear and speakers. We constantly aim to bridge the gap between technology and the way that you do things, so that our products slot seamlessly into your life. This is the cornerstone of everything that we do at Skiva and it is captured in our mission statement - Technology for Life.

We may be a new company but we have already built a great track record of delivering some amazing products. Kickstarter absolutely loves what we bring to the table and our projects always get funded; in some cases by nearly five times the requested pledge. In the short span that we have been open for business we have built great reputations on Amazon and Ebay. We are rapidly expanding our Reseller Network so that you have an option to buy Skiva regardless of where you prefer to shop.

We make great products but we don’t just stop there; we make sure to back them up with world class customer service too. As a young company we always want you to be happy with us, our products and the way we support the said products. We take after sales support very seriously and leave no stone unturned in making sure that you absolutely love what we have to offer.